Meeting Minutes June 2019


June 26, 2019

Tickets for Dogs for Better Lives split the pot drawing tickets are being sold by Betty Davis.

The blessing was given by Val Wilson and she led us in the Flag Salute

The meeting was called to order by President Val Wilson.

Officer Roll call included Val Wilson, President; Rosie Hobbs, 1st Vice President Publicity; Ray Hess 2nd Vice President Legislation; Joyce Eis, Secretary, absent (Carol Petersen filling in for Joyce); RaVena Baker, Treasurer.

Val looked up Roberts Rules of Order and the meaning she got was very broad. There are so many clubs and businesses, etc., that Roberts Rules of Order was designed to be broad-meaning because of the sizes of organizations that use them. We can do just about anything we want to do, as long as we are all in agreement with each other. While Val is president she is going to keep it simple.  Bill said he read the Chapter’s Standard Operating Procedures and the chapter president can make the decisions without a vote.

Val thanked Carol Petersen for her help in taking the minutes for Joyce Eis while Dale was ill. She gave her a playing card holder.

Val also thanked Chazz Neher, Bill Hobbs, the Petersens, Ray Hess and others for extending help to those who don’t have a second vehicle with them at our campouts, and understanding that it is hard for some to ask for help. Thanks to all of you.

Staff and Committee Reports:

May Minutes were sent by email for all to read. A motion was made by Bill Hobbs and seconded by Paulette to accept the minutes.  The motion passed.

RaVena Baker, treasurer, reported a balance in the treasury of $2,491.14. A motion to accept the report was made by Ray Hess and seconded by Carol Grassl.  Motion passed. 

Publicity – No report.

Legislation – No report.

Good Sam Clothing – Carol Petersen has a few shirts and jackets on hand and will make vests when requested. Vicky and Keith Anderson showed us their t-shirts that are 100% cotton.  Some do not like the polos because they are too hot.  Quite a few said they would be interested in getting new shirts.  Vicky said she is cutting out the Caldwell Ramblers design manually which is time consuming.  If enough members are interested in getting new shirts it would be cheaper to order transfers to put on the shirts.  Ray Hess made a motion to have Vicky Anderson order the transfers and it was seconded by Don Wyatt.  Motion passed.  Vicky will check on the price for 100 transfers and let Carol Petersen know.

Chapter Flags – RaVena Baker has chapter flags and Caldwell Rambler signs for sell.

Photo Directory – Carol Petersen. Photo directory cards were handed out for new members Ron and Pat Hoyle.

Hospitality – No report.

Webmaster – Claude Jarrett is still updating the web pages.

Wagonmaster – Paulette Hess said that there will not be a campout in July because we were unable to get reservations anywhere. In lieu of a campout there will be a picnic on July 20 at Mallard Park in Caldwell from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Mallard Park is at the corner of 10th Ave and Orchard.  We will be in the lower area close to the restroom building.

August campout is at Riverpond Campground in Crouch.  All of the camping spots in the River Section that Dale Eis reserved are full, but there are still plenty of spaces in the Front Section. Two rigs have already made reservations in the Front Section in C1 and C2,

Park Cleanup – Ed Torrey and Bill & Rosie Hobbs.  While Bill was picking up the supplies for the cleanup he saw a poster for buying a brick or bricks for the Friends of Deer Flat. The bricks are $50 each or two for $90, and can be engraved with our Chapter name.  He thought since we do cleanups at Gotts Point we might be interested in buying a brick.  This is something to think about and will be brought up again at the August meeting. Next cleanup is on July 30 at 9am. Bill and Rosie will be supplying meat and shells for tacos. They will assign several members to bring lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. Everyone else will bring salads, desserts, etc.

Scrap Book – Rosie is updating the scrapbook with the latest information and pictures. The scrapbooks will be available at the July meeting.


Correspondence -- None


Old Business -- None

New Business

Samboree.Presidents meeting – The State approved a $1,000 line item for an operating expense for maintenance of all Good Sam State property.  The State Good Sam is selling the store trailer for $2,500. Good Sam Chapters and members will have first chance to buy the trailer.  If not sold, it will then be advertised to the general public. The State Warehouse trailer will be gone thru at each state event and items that have not been used for some time will be evaluated. These items may be sold, or given away. At the Fall Roundup, the Presidents will discuss ways of giving back to active members. For instance, a discount on Registration Fees to members who have attended a state function.

Fall Round Up.  September is the State Fall Roundup at the Jerome County Fairgrounds. Friday night there will be a “Carnival” with each Chapter having a booth which they decide if they want to sell food or have some kind of game. All proceeds of the booth are for the Chapter. Also at some time during the Carnival, Michael Jackson will appear and the “Thriller” song will begin to play. Please wear a costume so you can participate in a Flash Mob “Thriller” Dance. The Assistant Directors for Area 7, John and Eldona Lounsbury, have asked us to learn the Thriller dance by Michael Jackson. Instructions are on the State web page and Val has posted the instructions and links to the videos on the Caldwell Ramblers website for you to check out.


Remember to make a donation to Dogs for Better Lives in your birthday month.

May Ramblin’ Rose lunch had 10 ladies and 5 guys.

Dates to Remember

July 3 – Ramblin’ Rose luncheon at Golden Coral

July 10 – Chapter meeting at Caldwell Idaho Pizza

July 20 – Chapter picnic at Malard Park in Caldwell from, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

July 30 – Park Cleanup, 9am

Aug 20-23 – Chapter campout at Riverpond Campground, Crouch

Sep 10-15 -- Fall Roundup, Jerome Fairgrounds

Sep 15-18 -- Chapter campout at Intermountain RV & Park in Wendell.

October 15-18 Chapter campout at Oregon Trails West RV Park in Baker City, Oregon

The meeting was adjourned by President Val Wilson.

The Dogs for Better Lives split the pot had a total of $35.  Half was won by Bill Hobbs. He donated his half to the Veterans Military.Fund.