Good Sam Pledge


I will stop and give aid to fellow Good Sam members where safety and traffic conditions permit. I will not attempt to stop and give aid on turnpikes, freeways or expressways, but instead will give three short blasts on my horn to indicate that I am reporting the breakdown to the nearest highway patrol, toll gate or police department. 

If I am broken down on the expressway, I will raise the hood of my vehicle to indicate I am in need of assistance and stay with the vehicle until help arrives. 

I will keep my recreational vehicle in safe condition at all times and give special attention to brakes, tires and running lights. 

I will drive within the law and with consideration for others.

I will watch for following traffic on upgrades and pull off the road as soon as possible whenever I am causing a slowdown.

I agree to observe, and be seen observing, all posted rules and regulations for the betterment of the enjoyment of outdoor recreational facilities. 

I will leave my campsite in better condition than I found it.

I will try to wear a smile (like Good Sam’s) and promote the objective of Good Sam wherever I meet other recreational vehicles.