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JUNE 11, 2019
Roll was called with 19 chapters represented.
Treasurer, Jane Mehlhaff, reported ending checking account balance (6-7-2019)
$19393.80 and Certificate of Deposit $30,000.00.   Total Financial Holdings $49393.80.  (Full report attached).  The goal is to break even when staging state functions.  
A fund of $1000 .00 was approved for use by the director for repairs and upkeep for equipment as necessary between state functions.  Any funds exceeding $1000 will be sent to chapter presidents for their approval.
Store trailer:  The consensus is to repair and sell the trailer with the profit to go to a state equipment fund.  The purchase price for the trailer was about $3000.00.
This should be mentioned in chapters and the newsletter with a $2500 minimum bid.
Warehouse trailer:  review and check contents.  Remaining clothing inventory will be available and any remaining items will be donated.
Other issues discussed:  Pay state director $.58 for mileage, also assistant directors and whoever hauls the warehouse trailer to the meetings.
With the adequate state of the treasury, considering reduction of registration fees for some state meetings or increased mileage payments. 
Some changes must be made.
500 news letters are sent and 250 are received with 1/3 opened.
Respectfully reported,
Joan Strawn, Idaho State Good Sam Secretary




Posted 7/9/2019

JUNE 12, 2019
The meeting was called to order by State Director Cathie Mickelsen.
Treasurer, Jane Mehlhaff, reported ending checking account balance (6-7-2019)
$19393.80 AND Certificate of Deposit #30,000.00.  Total Financial Holdings
$49393.80. Full report attached).  The goal is to break even when staging state functions.
Webmaster Jerry Robertson has posted the Idaho Good Sam Store on the website.  Check there for items you wish to purchase.  A report of repairs to the warehouse trailer and the store trailer (which will be sold) are also on the website.
Mike Mickelsen reported cooperation with Idaho Parks and Recreation with 
RV space maintenance at parks and also trail maintenance.  Our input and recommendations are appreciated. Our last five requests have been granted.
An AED defibrillator was purchased last fall.  Two demonstrations will be given at
this event.  The AED will be kept in the meeting building during the day and moved to the State Director’s rig each night.
New Business: President’s meeting:  Decided to eliminate the store.  
The trailer will be sold. It will announced in the July and September newsletters.
Price $2000-2500.  If not purchased will advertise more publically.  Approved a line item budget of $1000 to maintain Idaho Good Sam equipment between state meetings, as needed.
Areas 1 and 2 need volunteers to serve as Assistant Director
Eldona Lounsbury, Assistant director, spoke about the 
Fall Roundup which will be a carnival theme.  Booths, costumes, flash dance.
Newsletter:  Jerry Robertson posts Good Sam news, documents and calendar events.  Lots of information is available to check.
Growth funds are available to promote chapter growth, check the state website documents, chapter growth.
Respectfully reported,
Joan Strawn, Secretary Idaho State Good Sam



Posted 7/9/2019

June 11, 2019
All seven areas were represented.
Treasurer, Jane Mehlhaff, reported ending checking account balance (6-7-2019) $19393.80 and Certificate of Deposit 30,000.00.  Total Financial Holdings
$49,393.80.  (Full report attached.)  The goal is to break even when staging state events.
Cathie Mickelsen announced there is no assistant director for Areas 1 & 2.  If no one can be found, the areas will need to be redistributed. Combining with members from Montana since Montana Good Sam has disbanded was raised.
The possibility of having the Samboree in one place each year and having the 
Fall roundup rotate around the state was advanced.  The Samboree planning\ execution would be assigned to each area.
Should the Samboree be shortened to 4 days and Fall meeting to 3 days?
Assistant directors should take these concerns to the chapters.  Also encourage that they take advantage of information published on the State website.
Fall meeting will be planned with a carnival theme.
Respectably reported
Joan Strawn, Idaho State Secretary

Posted 5/11/2019

May 2019 Minutes


May 8, 2019

Tickets for Dogs for Better Lives split the pot drawing tickets and quilt are being sold by Mary Sedlar, Betty Davis and RaVena Baker.

The blessing was given by Chazz Neher and he led us in the Flag Salute

The meeting was called to order by President Val Wilson.

Officer Roll call included Val Wilson, President; Rosie Hobbs, 1st Vice President Publicity, absent; Ray Hess 2nd Vice President Legislation; Joyce Eis, Secretary, absent (Carol Petersen filling in for Joyce); RaVena Baker, Treasurer

Val honored Rosie and Bill Hobbs for their help. She gave them a Blue Moon rose bush. She also honored Pat and Ed Torrey for all their work on the Park Cleanup. She gave them a bouquet of flowers and a grill press.

Staff and Committee Reports:

April Minutes were sent by email for all to read. A motion was made by Mary Sedlar and seconded by Don Wyatt to accept the minutes.  The motion passed.

RaVena Baker, treasurer, reported a balance in the treasury of $2,497.15. A motion to accept the report was made by Paulette Hess and seconded by Don Wyatt.  Motion passed. 

Publicity – No report.

Legislation – No report.

Good Sam Clothing – Carol Petersen has a few shirts and jackets on hand and will make vests when requested.

Chapter Flags – RaVena Baker has chapter flags and Caldwell Rambler signs for sell.

Photo Directory – Carol Petersen, no changes.

Hospitality – Marilyn Gunning sent a card to Dale Eis. Dale said he received it.

Webmaster – Claude Jarrett is still updating the web pages.

Wagonmaster – Paulette Hess said she still needs a host for the September campout in Wendell. The May campout will be at Declo. Bill Hobbs handed out the agenda. Those going to campout will meet at the 1st Rest Stop past Boise at 10am.

June campout will be in Riggins

July, Mary said that Arrowhead RV Park finally called her back on May 2nd.  They told her they were full and that we would have to make reservations at least 2 years or more in advance.  Mary tried many more campgrounds for reservations and all were full.  She will try several more campgrounds.

August campout is at Riverpond Campground in Crouch.  Dale Eis said he would let us know if he needed help.

September is the State Fall Roundup at the Jerome County Fairgrounds, followed by a campout at Intermountain RV & Park in Wendell.

October campout will be at Oregon Trails West RV Park in Baker City, Oregon

Park Cleanup – Ed Torrey and Bill & Rosie Hobbs.  Next cleanup is on June 25 at 9am.


Correspondence – The Chapter received an email from Kayla Cash.  She is interested in sharing content for future rallies and possible vacations specials.  The content of the email was discussed and it was decided that Val would email her and tell her we are not interested.


Old Business

There was a discussion on whether to keep our meetings at Mr. V’s or at the Caldwell Idaho Pizza.  It was voted on and it was decided we would move our meetings to Idaho Pizza in Caldwell.  The address is 4816 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell.  It is just west of Ustick. A copy of their menu is attached.

We discussed keeping the State Store or using online shopping.  A motion was made by Bill Hobbs to sell the trailer and seconded by Paulette Hess.  Motion passed.

New Business

We discussed when to have the June meeting.  A motion was made by Marilyn Gunning to have the meeting on June 26 and seconded by Don Wyatt.

We discussed having a board with pictures of all of our deceased members on display at the Samboree in Lewiston in June. There were no comments. 

A committee was set up to decorate the stage at the Samboree in June.  The members are Judy Heinbach, Carol Petersen and Betty Davis.


Remember to make a donation to Dogs for Better Lives in your birthday month.

May Ramblin’ Rose lunch had 10 ladies and 8 guys.

Dates to Remember

May 14-17 – Campout at Village of Trees in Declo

June 4 – Ramblin’ Rose luncheon at Golden Coral

June 11-16 – Idaho Good Sam Samboree in Lewiston

June 16-19 – Campout Canyon Pines RV Resort in Pollack

June 26 – Chapter meeting at Caldwell Idaho Pizza

The meeting was adjourned by President Val Wilson.

The Dogs for Better Lives split the pot had a total of $35.  Half was won by Ray Hess. He donated his half to the Military.

Posted 4/17/2019

Rosie Hobbs

Other Dates:

Apr 17 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr. V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

Apr 14 – Sun – Palm Sunday

Apr 19 – Fri – Good Friday

Apr 21 – Sun – Easter

Apr 30 – Tues – Park Cleanup – Lake Lowell – Bring a can of soup and dessert


May 7 – Tues – Ramblen Rose Luncheon – Golden Corral – Nampa – Noon

May 8 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr. V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

May 12 – Sun – Mother’s Day

May 14 – 17 – Village of Trees (Declo) Contact Rosie Hobbs if you plan on attending. 

May 18 – Sat – Armed Forces Day

May 27 – Mon – Memorial Day – Holiday


Jun 4 – Tues – Ramblen Rose Luncheon – Golden Corral – Nampa – Noon

Jun 11 – 16 – Idaho Good Sams Samboree/Rally – Nez Perce County Fairgrounds, Lewiston, ID.  Reservation information is on the Idaho Good Sam website.

Jun 16 – 19 – Canyon Pines RV Resort – Pollak (Below Riggins) – Call 208/628-4006 for reservations mention Caldwell Ramblers

Jun 12 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr. V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

Jun 14 – Fri – Flag Day

Jun 16 – Sun – Father’s Day

Jun 25 – Tues – Park Cleanup – Lake Lowell


Jul 2 – Tues – Ramblen Rose Luncheon – Golden Corral – Nampa – Noon

Jul 4 – Thur – Fourth of July - Holiday

Jul 10 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr. V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

Jul 16-19 – Arrowhead RV Park 455 S Main St, Cascade, Id.  For reservations, call 208/382-4534.  Camp host – Mary Sedlar.


Aug 6 – Tues – Ramblen Rose Luncheon – Golden Corral – Nampa – Noon

Aug 14 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr. V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

Aug 20-23 – Riverpond Campground, Garden Valley, ID – Camp hosts – Dale and Joyce Eis – Dale has paid $25 1st night reservation fee for 10 spaces.  Please pay Dale $25 if you plan on camping.  Balance will be paid when we arrive.  I believe it is cash only.

Aug 27 – Tues - Park Cleanup – Lake Lowell


Sept 2 – Mon – Labor Day - Holiday

Sept 3 – Tues – Ramblen Rose Luncheon – Golden Corral – Nampa – Noon

Sept 11 – Wed – Caldwell Rambler’s Meeting – Mr V’s – Caldwell – 6:00 pm

Sept 24 – Tues – Park Cleanup – Lake Lowell



May 8, 2019







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Rosies Recipe Cranberry Delight

1 or 2 20oz cans Crushed pineapple (including juice)

1 14oz can Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

1 8oz pkg Chopped Walnuts

1 10oz jar Maraschino Cherries (do not use the syrup)

Mix all ingredients together and store in the refrigerator for a full day to let the flavors blend.

Serve alone, over ice cream, cake, or brownies.  You can also use on your holiday turkey.



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